Why work with me?

I only talk what I’ve successfully walked.

Here’s where I’ve been…

For as long as I can remember, two things I’ve been naturally attracted to have been music and pro wrestling. I was also privileged with really effective modeling and support. My parents encouraged my exploration of music and wrestling at an early age. My mom modeled empathy, concern for all people, and the creative generosity to shine light on people in need with a non-profit. My dad modeled independence and discipline by being his own boss, rejecting norms, and transforming how car dealerships do business.

Donnie Wahlberg as guest on my podcast, Chocolate Croissants, in 2020

My band, The Dialogue, playing a festival show with All American Rejects in 2009

By age 15, I had already performed for 30,000 people drumming for Green Day, was trained and regularly performed as a pro wrestler for money, and was having boxes of Pokémon card packs imported from Japan to sell at the Sunday flea market table I rented.

While in college, I learned entrepreneurship and communications in my bands. I’ve toured the country, shared stages with bands you probably know, heard my songs on the radio, and created some of the best memories of my life.

Donnie Wahlberg as guest on my podcast, Chocolate Croissants, in 2020

Beatwell appearance live on Baltimore news in 2016

In grad school, I maintained my passion for music while innovating within the mental health field. The entirety of my graduate training was focused on integrating drumming and rhythm with clinical and counseling psychology. I’ve presented keynotes at state psychology conferences, trained and consulted clinicians of the leading mental health institutes in the region, and shared the healing potentials of drumming with thousands of my community members.

Donnie Wahlberg as guest on my podcast, Chocolate Croissants, in 2020

Sold-out Madison Square Garden event in 2019, in which I led branding + marketing

By 2017, I was integrating drumming + mental health full-time, in addition to enjoying band and podcast success. Yet, I still had a profound desire to explore the art and business of pro wrestling at the highest of levels. So I convinced the #2 pro wrestling company in the world to create a full-time leadership position for me with the flexibility to maintain my businesses and projects. I led branding, marketing, + communications, which included interacting with millions of fans each day, rebranding the company’s flagship tv show, and selling-out Madison Square Garden in 17 minutes.

Donnie Wahlberg as guest on my podcast, Chocolate Croissants, in 2020

Producing a sold-out fan festival for Ring of Honor Wrestling at University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena in 2018

This dream role also allowed me to experience working within a billion-dollar, publicly-traded corporation, further strengthening the convictions I had been sharing in my professional Beatwell programs, prioritizing company culture + employee well-being.

I shared just some of what I’ve done, but in doing so I shared what it is I actually do.

I am committed to AFFIRMING + ACTIVATING my dreams.

Donnie Wahlberg as guest on my podcast, Chocolate Croissants, in 2020

Donnie Wahlberg as a guest on my podcast, Chocolate Croissants, in 2020

I genuinely love supporting + guiding people.

It would be my honor to begin this life-changing work with you.

“Jordan has a natural ability to identify limiting beliefs.”
– Ryan Keaton  | Owner + Producer of Sunstone Recordings


I think it’s honest to share that I may not be for you. And that’s a GOOD thing. When we try to be all things for all people, we end up becoming average, at best.

I’m not interested in average, and I know you’re not too. I embrace my highly specialized approach, unique personality, and unconventional resume. In fact, I believe my courage to avoid the trappings of “Do What’s Expected” has allowed me to consistently live my dreams + make money doing it.

So, if we both feel we’d be a good fit for this powerful work, I promise you it will change your life for the better (and if for some reason it doesn’t, no money will exchange hands).