“I EMPOWER + GUIDE people towards the work most in-rhythm with who they truly are.”


Imagine actually living the career of your dreams.


It is possible.

One-on-One Professional Coaching

As a mental health professional and entrepreneur that’s experienced many professional dreams, I offer a comprehensive service that acknowledges the inner work of affirming your career aspirations and the outer work to activate the process.



    • feel stuck or stagnant in their current career trajectory

    • know there’s more to life than just working for a paycheck, without a sense of meaning or purpose

    • have trouble defining and communicating a unique, authentic professional identity

    • need help assessing + leveraging your interests, skills, and professional experience to attract the work of your dreams

    • have resistance to sharing more publicly

    • want to provide value in the world and get paid what they’re worth

    “With Jordan’s guidance, I was able to land a dream career and continue to grow as a voice within my community.”
    Alyse Carter |  VIP Events Director/JLH Hospitality Admin at Merriweather Post Pavilion



    I will help you…

    • develop and effectively communicate a more compelling professional identity that is in-rhythm with your authentic self and professional goals
    • identify and overcome underlying beliefs that are no longer serving you, and often keep you feeling stuck, unmotivated, or fearful
    • reconnect with and strengthen the most confident, powerful, and energizing parts of yourself, while developing reliable tools to access this when needed most
    • identify valuable personal traits, experiences, and skills, and teach you how to leverage these potentials to create the professional future of your dreams
    • identify the people that would be most helpful in achieving your dream goals, and develop networking skills to build professional relationships with integrity

    Is this guy “legit“?

    Jordan Goodman is a brand communications expert, certified life coach, psychotherapist, and professional musician.

    Jordan has realized his professional dreams in mental health, music, TV, live events, and more. He has experienced multiple career roles as an entrepreneur, co-founder, manager of people, clinician, and employee of a billion-dollar corporation.

    Jordan has spent workdays presenting at international conferences, performing with rock bands in stadiums, producing events at Madison Square Garden, appearing on live TV, and facilitating thousands in empowerment work.

    Throughout his career, he has developed mindsets + strategies that help him achieve the work of his dreams. Jordan knows how to effectively empower + guide you to do the same.


    “Beatwell Coaching is the most comprehensive offering of my life.”
    Jordan Goodmman
    “If you’re struggling to reach your goals, Jordan will help break down any resistance and show you the way through.
    – Joe Hamilton | Musician, Marketing + Content Manager